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The Nourishment of the body is food while the Nourishment of the soul is feeding others.
- Hazrat Ali

We are here to help!

Rizq provides a convenient service every year in which we sacrifice animals on your behalf and then distribute the meat amongst the verified deserving families of the community.

As Rizq will ensure that your qurbani reaches to the most deserving people. We will be implementing best practices of procurement, slaughtering and distribution underlined within Islamic principles. Our team will be following strict health and hygiene protocols of COVID-19.

1- Cow Portion:
One portion weights 12-14 kg and each portion will be distributed among 5 verified deserving families.

2- Goat:
One goat will have a weight of 12-14 kg and will be distributed among 5 verified deserving families.

The meat of the sacrificed animals will be distributed amongst the registered families of our own food banks and partner community organizations.

This Eid Rizq is sacrificing cows and goats. You can donate a portion, or a full animal.

The expected date of Eid ul Adha is 31st July 2020.

The price of a portion is Pkr. 14,000/- and the price of a cow is Pkr. 98,000/- and the price of goat is Pkr. 25,000/-

We are providing multiple services this Eid:

1- Rizq will conduct qurbani on your behalf and distribute the meat to verified deserving families.

2- Meat pickup from your doorstep and distribution to verified deserving families.

3- You can drop off your meat at Rizq food bank and we will distribute the meat among verified deserving families.

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